Tie Notes in simple way

• Apr 17, 2017 - 15:26

Hi Everyone,

If I'm doing my saxophone sheet, I want to tie only (!) the first 4 notes in my sheet, but it comes with wrong resolution. How to do the way I want?
I've red the Help: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/tie but it has not helped me out. If I use "+" or Icon, there ties.jpg I got the result attached. So I want simple only the four notes to be tied.

Thanks if answer!


You don't want a tie, you want a slur. Select the four notes and press S.

edit: a tie ties 2 notes of the exact same pitch while slurs connect notes of the same or different pitches.

edit 2: I don't know why the tie connected the f# to an f natural in measure 3.

edit 3: I figured it out. You had an F# in measure 3, when you applied the tie it removed the sharp from the tied note and added the sharp to the other F# in the measure since version 2.0.x does not show courtesy accidentals on tied notes.

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WOW!!! And it really works! Thanks for that info!
If you dont mind, I would ask more. I'm using 2.0.3 vewrsion of MuseScore, and it is quiet different regarding the appearance. Once I installed the app I found extremly small icons. OK. I found how to set the icon size. But at left side I can not recognize nor set up the icon's appearance.
Do you got something for that?
(I'm using HD resolution on my screen 1920x1080)

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As mentioned, it is a known issue, in that a few people have reported it, but we don't fully understand yet what makes some systems do this. It definitely isn't all high resolution displays - we specifically have code now to deal with that. But for whatever reason, some high resolution displays report their resolution incorrectly to us, causing us to think they are not as high resolution as they are. Anything you can share about the unique qualities of your particular display configuration would be useful.

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