Muted trombone?

• Apr 17, 2017 - 21:59

Even in the general soundfont the option for a muted trombone is not even in the lists (and the mixer doesn't provide the option when loaded). A muted trombone is, however, often used in jazz/big band scoring and not uncommonly for orchestral scores.

Does anyone know of a decent soundfont for this? Thanks.


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Okay, Marc. I followed the Mid-staff change instructions for Muted trumpet on MuseScore 2.1. Getting to no. 6, in the Staff Text Properties dialog, my only option in the Channel checkbox is 'Normal'. There is no option for pizzicato or mute. Is the version too old or what? Thanks. Peet

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That is the current version. My guess is that while you may have selected a trumpet sound in the mixer, the instrument itself is not set to trumpet. In order to say for sure what is going on, we would need you to attach your score using the "File attachments" link below where you type your reply.

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Looks like maybe the score was imported from some other source, that's why the trumepot doesn't have all the right MuseScore defaults? Although normalkly this does work better. If you still have the file you imported this from (MusicXML? MIDI?) it would also be helpful if you attached that so we could understand better how this happened.

Anyhow, Jojo's version above should fix this. If it happens again with another score, just go to Staff Properties and change the instrument to trumpet, so it can get all the right settings.

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Dear Marc and Jojo, thanks for all your efforts. I've learnt in the process. Sorry, was away for a while and could not respond. Yes, I've imported it from Sibelius. Hence the swop in Trumpet in Bb vs. Bb Trumpet etc.

I am happy with the result and will publish it today. All the best to you. Peet

Hey guys, I have just discovered a trick to create a mute trombone sounds!!!!!! In the trombone part switch the trombone for a trumpet. Even with the trumpet, the part will still be in F-clef, in a bass tone. Then, add a mute, and the sound will be bass, and can replace a mute trombone soundfont!!!!!!! Try it!!!!!!!

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