Changing Instrument Names

• Apr 20, 2017 - 13:29

Hi Everyone

I know this is an easy one but for the life of me, I can't remember how to change long and short instrument names. I'm making an arrangement for my village all-comers orchestra and I just want a single line for C instruments. At the moment it's just under 'flute' but I know this will confuse them... Is there a way of selecting an instrument without a name?

Thanks for your help, Dan


You can't select an instrument without a name but you can rename an instrument anyway you like. Right click the staff (where there is nothing but lines or spaces) and select staff properties. This will enable you to change the long and short instrument names to whatever you like including nothing. The part is the name that will be extracted into parts if you do that so you may or may not need to change that.

If there is only one instrument line then you can open the Style->General.. dialog and check the box next to "Hide instrument name if there is only 1 instrument" should be checked by default.

And actually, you can simply click the instrument name and press "Delete", whihc does the same thing as going to staff properties and deleting it that way.

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Exactly - these are different things. Three different things, actually:

1) click an instrument name then deleting it - works in all 2.x

2) dragging an instrument name to change its position - is not designed to work, but a bug allows it to *appear* to work although it won't stick on save/reload. As far as I can tell this remains true in 2.1.

3) double click an instrument name to edit the text - was not originally designed to work, but once you triggered the bug in 2), then it would appear to work, although changes made would not even survive leaving edit mode. As of 2.1, double click to edit text is directly supported and works as it should.

For completeness, I should also mention:

4) right click staff name to access staff properties - this also works in all 2.x I believe. That is, you don't actually need to right click an empty space in the staff - right clicking the name itself does the trick. Seems more natural if your goal is to change the name.

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