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From what I understand, new soundfonts lets you play midi files with different sounds. I'd very much like to be able to do that. I need the strings, keys and brass to sound more real (classics!). Are there any recommended soundfonts? And, do I install the soundfont on windows, or only on musescore?


See Soundfont in the Handbook for information on installing soundfonts and some recommended options. I've tried a dozen or so and find FluidR3 (available via that link) the best of the GM-compatible ones overall.

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"classics" means different things to different people, so hard to say what you're looking for exactly. But FluidR3 is GM compatible, meaning it has the full range of instruments defined by the General MIDI standard. Basically, the same list of available instruments as the default soundfont: a mixture of orchestral instruments, marching//concert/jazz winds, a variety of guitars and other "rock" instruments, and a smattering number of purely "synthesized" sounds. If by "classics" you mean orchestral music, you will find FluidR3 pretty good, but other soundfonts that specialize in orchestral music (no jazz/pop/rock/synth sounds) might be better - if you don't mind going into the Mixer to tell MuseScore which instrument is which, since MuseScvore by default only knows the GM instruments.

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Not sure where you're getting that command line from - you say you're on Windows, but isn't that a Linux thing? And there is nothing about it on the page you cite. The command you quote looks like it is for installing MuseScore on Linux, but the page you cite is for starting MuseScore from the command line - two totally unrelated topics. Which is it you are trying to do? And does this have something to do with Soundfonts (which is where you posted your question)? That's yet another totally unrelated topic.

To install MuseScore on Windows, just click the Download link at upper right of this page - no command line of any kind required.

Of for some reason - and only you would know the reason - you need to start MuseScore from the command prompt, then the options on the page you cite are indeed how you do it, but there is nothing these about sudo or repositories. Just ordinary command line options. If you're not familiar with running programs from the command prompt, you might first question why you are trying, and then if there is a reason, find someone nearby who is more familiar with Windows to help you figure out how to get and use a command prompt.

If your question is about Soundfonts, perhaps you explain what you are actually trying to do there as well and we could help. But again, no command line is normally required to use a Soundfont.

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Fwiw, I played with that one a while. Apparently it speciailizes in sounds for techno / electronic music? It has a full set of GM instruments, but to my ears, the orchestral instruments are average at best, and very poorly balanced (brass far too quiet compared to winds, etc). Promising, but not to my mind an improvement over Fluid for orchestral work.

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