Soundfont Questions

• Apr 22, 2017 - 18:58

So I just recently downloaded the "Timbres of Heaven" SoundFont which I have just a few problems with, which I will list.

1. Whenever I change the SoundFont of one of my scores, it duplicates the changes made onto every other score that I have. Example: I change song A from Default SoundFont to ToH, then all other songs change to ToH.

2. I know you can change what instrument sounds come from each instrument in the mixer, like changing a trumpet to a clarinet, but some of the ToH sounds I don't enjoy, so the next question I have is, can you use a combination of two or more SoundFonts? I want to replace the ToH trumpet with the default, but all I see in the mixer is ToH instruments.

3. I got the Orchestral Percussion SoundFont and found that instead of adding it through Fluid in the synthesizer, it is added through Zerberus. After I added all of the new percussion to Zerberus, nothing changed, no different sounds, and the mixer didn't display anything for the matter either.

4. If there is a SoundFont that you like to use or think is good, reply with the link or name, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


The soundfont settings are global - they are not per score. So yes, changing soundfont will affect playback of all scores, for as long as you have that soundfont loaded anyhow.

Yes, you can use as many soundfonts at once as you like. Their sounds will be lsited one after another in the mixer, in the order you have them listed in the synthesizer.

Not sure which orchestral percussion soundfont you loaded. Does it define new instruments, or maybe just a new drumkit, or what?

The soundfonts lists in the Handbook are among the ones most recommended here, but if you browse this forum, you'll see a few people have posted their own, so feel free to check those out.

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