Need hyphen functionality in phonetic keyboards

• Dec 2, 2012 - 22:10
S5 - Suggestion

I am frequently needing to type in text in a foreign alphabet, using the "phonetic keyboard" feature in Mac OS X, whereby for example cyrillic (Russian) characters appear on the keyboard where the nearest English keyboard equivalent is. Unfortunately in the case of cyrillic, since there are more characters than in English, at least on a Mac the normal hyphen key has been taken over by "ь". There still is a hyphen, but it is now accessed as option-hyphen (on a PC I guess this would be alt-hyphen). If I type cyrillic in a word processor this works. But in musescore (both 1.2, and nightly build e04dc4), nothing at all happens -- I would like a hyphen to print and skip to the next note, as in English. But neither happens. Note this problem does not occur if I use the regular cyrillic keyboard, where the hyphen is in its usual place but all other letters are in a place that is familiar to people familiar with Russian typewriters but not to me. There are a few other examples, e.g. a keyboard called "Greek Polytonic". I suppose a workaround is to use the Bulgarian phonetic keyboard, which has the hyphen in the normal place -- but this fails if you need one of the few letters that is in Russian but not Bulgarian. So it would be useful if Musescore could recognize the option-hyphen character and treat it as a normal hyphen. Or at least that an option be provided for that. (perhaps there is some times when one wants a hyphen without advancing to the next note -- but that doesn't happen with option-hyphen in musescore, either).