The attached file crashes MuseScore

• Dec 10, 2012 - 10:02
S4 - Minor

I thought this file was ok, I've added a layer but it does have a tag. I *thought* the file had loaded correctly a couple of times, I might be wrong however because it certainly doesn't now.

I'm looking into the layer issue, but I don't think it is part of this problem.
The program crashes after calling "tick()" on line 324 of rendermidi.cpp. The problem is that s2 is a null pointer at that stage. This occurs on the 28th call of collectMeasureEvents, tho' this is not the 28th time around that loop.

The program crash output is

Score::findSpanner(105): not found
Measure::read(): cannot find spanner 105
layoutX: empty segment(0x5b25920)ChordRest: measure: tick 82080 ticks 1440
nticks==0 segmente 3, segmentIdx: 0, segTick: 83520 nsegTick(0x0) 83520
SLine::layout() failed: Segment Pedal
start 0x5b25920 end 0x0


I should say, the layer may well be part of the problem. The file is originally from the MuseScore archive, the original (obviously) doesn't cause a crash. I think the layer addition is the only change I've made, so presumably it must prompt the problem, somehow.

The problem occurs with v2.0, compiled from the latest git repo.

Title The attached file crashes MuseScore Playing attached file causes crash


I can reproduce, but I didn't know how to initially (no mention of playback).

What MuseScore revision and operating system are you using? For future reports, could you read this please?

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (44041c2) - Mac 10.7.5.

Title Playing attached file causes crash The attached file crashes MuseScore
Status (old) active fixed

One of the pedal markers were incomplete (end was missing).
I changed the trunk code to remove incomplete spanners after loading so the score should be loadable with next nightly build.