Microsoft Security Patch causes Musescore font error

• Dec 12, 2012 - 23:46
S2 - Critical

This issue has cost me 2 hour of searching:

The newest Windows Update Patch KB2753842 (here on windows 8, probably on all current Win Systems) let Musescore not display the embeded font.
Happens with NightlyBuild 40e5376 and all previous versions, the official 1.2 works.

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Working OK here with R40e5376

My system is a Sony Vaio running 32bit Windows XP Pro SP3

Could this be a 64bit system only problem?

I will check on my other 32 bit XP Pro SP3 system which installed this update last night.

My Desktop PC is also running the same Nightly Build OK

That too is a 32 bit machine so this looks to be a 64bit problem.

BTW the two latest nightly builds for WIndows are generating a 404 not found error when you try to download them.

The problem is apparent, however, on my Windows 8 Tablet

Do you have KB2753842 installed?

Yes just installed it this morning on both machines and my Windows 8 32bit Tablet which is displaying the problem.

It has just occurred to my why my systems aren't displaying the fault - they both have the MuseScore core fonts installed in the fonts directory.

My Windows 8 Tablet doesn't

my Win7 64-bit Laptop doesn#t show the problem. It doesn't have that patch installed either
Not yet, it will shortly...

Edit: and now I have the problem here too

I seems that Windows Update KB2753842 doesn't let MuseScore display the musical fonts. The problem is only visible in nightlies from 40e5376 and MuseScore 1.2 is not affected. Windows 32 and 64 bit from XP to 8 are affected by the default.

Please tell me if I missed something.

- Can someone reproduce with an older nightly? (no need to reproduce with younger ones... but I will look into the 404)
- Can someone list the Qt version (About Qt) of the tested nightly?
- Can someone with an affected system make sure that installing the fonts on the system solves the problem?

as i posted in the op, it occurs with ALL previous builds wich have the font embedded. I tried it with some 3month old versions also.
qt version are 4.8.1 of the oldest i have and of course the newest 4.8.4

edit: 792e398 for example have this problem also, early november, qt 4.8.1...

Fonts are embedded since the start of MuseScore on Windows. So it's weird it's working with 1.2. But so Qt version is not in cause. It's the conjonction of this Windows Update + embedded font + Qt.

I have just installed the Mscore-20 amd Mscore1-20 fonts on my Windows 8 Tablet.

Nightly Rc0faed4 is now displaying notes properly, whereas the same old nightly build was only displaying stems immediately after the patch was installed..

It is therefore the embedded font which is causing the problem after installing this Windows update, because the same nightly build was working fine before the patch was installed.

So we wait for Microsoft to quick fix the issue or are the mighty musescore devs faster? I'm wondering why 1.2 is working properly when it has also embedded fonts?

For musescore it's easy to momentary get rid if the problem,(use 1.2 if you need it so bad to quickly score something:)) but for all other apps here at work there must be a better solution than undo the security patch.

Well those fonts have been installed on my system without causing problems for nearly a year now.

Initially it was done to solve problems with the display of PDF and SVG files in Serif Drawplus.

Maybe MuseScore defaults to the embedded fonts???

@lasonic: ..."but in any case, we need a fix from MS."

Microsoft wrote(thx to Jojo for the link):
"Thank you for contacting Microsoft community. This update would require an update from the program developers to cope with the changes made, however you can hide the update."

Hehe, they are not very cooperative when things got screwed up by M$. So let's uninstall the update and hope for an easy fix by M$, they can't really demand a new compile from every single affected program, can they?

BTW: The newest nightly 0b00926 is running perfect without the sec-patch...

TEMPORARY work-around which seems to work:

I had the same issue on my wife's PC (32bit, Win7 Pro) where I installed a locally built 2.0 version. She regularly applies Win updates (as I indoctrinated her to do!): MScore 2.0 was working perfectly (well, as 2.0 does, of course!) two days ago, yesterday she applied the Win updates and today it shows this problem.

I installed into Windows the mscore-20.ttf font from the github repository (link given by lasconic in post #21 above) and I can confirm that the display is correct again.

Of course, it is just a temporary work-around, not a real fix, but if you need to go on playing with ver 2.0 while Microsfot patches the patch, it might be useful.

Of course, remember to uninstall the font once the Win update will be fixed.



Miwarre I have had these ttf files in my Fonts directory for over a year and they don't seem to have made the slightest difference to MuseScore.

They were put there initially to solve display problems of MuseScore generated PDFs and SVGs in my vector graphics application - Serif Drawplus, but have since been forgotten about until I remembered them when this Microsoft update problem emerged.

Microsoft updated their update page That's pretty fast. Let's see if they come out with a solution, preferably before next patch tuesday, next year.

We are aware of issues related to OpenType Font (OTF) rendering in applications such as PowerPoint on affected versions of Windows that occur after this security update is applied. We are currently investigating these issues and will take appropriate action to address the known issues.

I've been hit by this also, tried installing the fonts linked to above, but all the fonts I downloaded would neither display nor install - I just get a "Not a valid font file" from windows. Any ideas?

Never mind, I see I was downloading them incorrectly. You have to install the ttf fonts as well, installing the OpenType versions doesn't work :-(

for all trying to get around this problem, please uninstall the kb2753842 patch and wait for an updated one from M$, that's the only solution that works without problems and you don't mess up your system. Sure there's a potencial security risk, but this issue was a long time present and will hopefully be fixed soon. We've to do so on all workstations here to fix corel...

Small update on that M$ bug:

Here's a fix from Andrew Heinlein who has posted it on the Microsoft Community Site, perhaps some musescore dev would like to implement this or whatsoever.

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Microsoft revised their KB2753842 with a 2.0 version just today (December 20th). Can anyone confirm that the revision 2.0 of this patch solves the problem with MuseScore?