Myfile.png vs. Myfile-1.png

• Apr 26, 2017 - 09:36

When I export a file as “Myfile.png”, MS adds a '-1' to it. Myfile-1.png. Ok, I can live with that.

But when making some changes and export the file again MS gives the error ; 'File already exist, overwrite ?'
I say Yes and MS makes a second file as : Myfile-1-1.png. That is seriously inconvenient.


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Ok, hmmm, I only have 1 page projects. :-)

So, now I know how it works, i found the way around re-exporting.
Instead of double clicking “Myfile-1.png” in the export window, I click only ones, remove the -1 and name the file Myfile.png as I did in the first place and MS overwrites the file Myfile-1.png and does not make the extra file Myfile-1-1.png.

In my video editor I ask to reload the file Myfile-1.png and done. Cool.

Thanks Jojo.

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