Changes lost after MuseScore crash...even though save button was pressed several times before crash

• Jul 1, 2009 - 18:00
S2 - Critical

I made edits to a score and pressed save button after each edit. Then MuseScore crashed and when I opened the score none of my edits had been saved. It appears that MuseScore somehow retrieved the version of the file that I had opened at the start of the session before making any edits. This problem is repeatable.

Running latest stable version 0.9.4 with Win XP sp3 installed on a Dell Vostro 410.


Apparently there are two problems here. Can you post another issue for the crash? With the steps to reproduce the crash?

Sorry for the delay, I had posted the steps that led up to the crash, but forgot to link to it:

I see the crash has been fixed, but the "reverting back to first opened version" is repeatable even if the software crashes for some other reason. Wierd, huh?

I'm not able to reproduce the "reverting back to first opened version" after a crash using the prereleases. If you are able to please post the steps a new bug report.