"Double Time" 2.0.2 limited to 32 measures

• Apr 28, 2017 - 14:26

The "new" Double Time 2.0.2 plugin (https://musescore.org/en/node/81641#comment-453686) gives pretty good results (with known limitations, voices, tuplets eg) without having to go through the xml format -> 1.3 version -> return in 2. version, and so on. A good time saver. It's appreciated.

However, I encounter an unexpected difficulty. Indeed, on this file for example, the plugin cuts all the measures that exceed the number 16 (16X2 = 32): Duke Milan.mscz

See: measures.jpg
And so, I get a truncated score, and I have to split my score and re-begin another operation to get the full result.

I do not know how to edit these plugins. Could anyone help me to modify this variable of 32 measures (and bring it eg to the double: 64, or more if possible?)
Thanks in advance.


You may just replace that number in the .qml file using a text editor and then restart musescore (so it reloads the plugin with the new value). Allowed values are anything that is also allowed in the Create New Score wizard.

The long-term update would be to detect how many measures we've started from and then use that info to generate the new score with just as many measures as required; but that takes a little bit more time than I have to spare currently.

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Thanks for the reply jeetee.
Yes, that's what I wanted to do with Libre Office. I change the value 32 to 64, but I have to save this change. And so, at that time, Libre Office offers me to either use the Text (.txt) format or the ODF (.odt) format.
I do not see how to save in the .qml format

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Yeah, I succeeded! Happy man :)

I do not really know how!! I saved in .txt format with LibreOffice, and apparently the update was done automatically in the original .qml file? Not sure...
Then, you must remove the first plugin before adding the update one. Otherwise, it did not work.

And so thank you all for your help. From now on, I will do the operation in one go. To obtain for example this kind of file (with the English style "Dowland" ... thanks Miwarre ...!): 5) Duke english style.mscz
Very useful for upgrading facsimiles that have lived a little ...
Duke Milan Dump.jpg

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FYI, "TXT" isn't really a special format, it just means an ordinary text file. Any form of XML (including HTML, MusicXML, QML, and lots of other formats) are really just ordinary text files. Thus they can be edited in Notepad or any other text editing program. You choose the TXT optiowhen saving, but name it whatever you like. Some programs will insist on adding ".txt" to the name you specify; if so, just change it afterwards.

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Next step... (maybe?)
So, I increased the number of measures (the default was 32) and the instrument (for guitar, which saves me from having to remove the bass clef staff).
Now, the appetite comes by eating ... -;)
Without threatening the stability of these plugins Half and Double Time (until now, it holds ...), what should I modify, add, subtract as text, to have a chance that these plugins preserve at least two voices (1 and 2) ?
halftime_v2_0_2.qml and doubletime_v2_0_2.qml

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