Repeat Signs Do Not Work

• Dec 28, 2012 - 03:45

All the repeat signs in the repeats pallette do not work.... this also includes the start and end repeats in the barline pallette...I do not know what is wrong except that I had to reinstall Musescore after performing a system restore 2 days ago? can anyone help in this matter please? The play Repeats button is on.

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As usual, posting a sample score and steps to reproduce would be needed to help sort out what is going on. In general, ordinary repeats sign (in the barlines palette) definitely *do* work. Measure repeat symbols (in the repeats palette) don't.

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I cannot get the attached score to play the repeat and second-time bars back correctly - after bar 104 (the end of the 32 empty bars) playback continues with bar 105 to the end and then finishes; I need a repeat from bar 1 to bar 68 then jump to bar 105 (the start of the second time bars) to finish.
Any help would be appreciated.

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The problem seems to be that the measure with the closing repeat has its repeat count set to to 1 in Measure Properties. To see this, turn off the multimeasure rests and right click the last measure. My guess is the related to the specific order in which you did things, but I quick test doesn't seem to reproduce this problem in a score I create from scratch. So if you can remember how the score got into this state, that would help.

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Thanks Marc

I'm afraid I haven't yet understood this.

The repeat count at bar 104 is set to 1, so I assume that the repeat only occurs once, skipping the
1st time bars in favour of the 2nd time bars on the repeat. I don't understand why this does not happen; playback carries on to bar 105 and continues to the end of the score, including the 2nd time bars, and finishes.

Sorry to be so slow on the uptake.

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Thanks once again Marc - changing the repeat count to 2 did the trick.

I must say, the description in the handbook is misleading, since it doesn't explain that a setting of 2 only gives 1 repeat!
"In the last measure of a repeat you can set repeat counts to define the number of played repeats".
As you point out, the number refers to the number of times played, not the number of repeats.

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FWIW, this same discussion happens every time musicians ever discuss the number of times to do something. If during a rehearsal I say to repeat the last 4 bars twice, people are always confused about whether that means two times *total* (meaning one actual repeat) or three times total (two actual repeats). It's just an inherent limitation of the language. Anyhow, the point is, you should never need to mess with the setting normally unbless you are creating a repeat that is something *other* than the standard.

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Thanks Marc

I think most English speakers (or do I mean English English speakers) understand a single repeat to mean "play it once and then play it once again"; thus, logically, a repeat count of 1 would give that result, whereas a repeat count of 2 would mean "play it once and then play it again twice".
Of course, once we know how Musescore uses the repeat count (as I now do, thanks to you) there is no problem.

Best regards


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