Image export adds deleted fingerings

• May 2, 2017 - 08:56
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For scores created from MusicXML files (exported from Sibelius 7.5), fingerings are always added to image export even after they have been deleted in MuseScore. PDF export works, but PNG and SVG contain the deleted fingerings.

This is also the case for MuseScore 2.0.3. This is a serious bug. Hope it can be fixed ASAP.

GIT commit: 1409eac


Thanks for your quick reply. All the letters ("b c x z" etc.) are nonsense. They don't appear in my score when I open it.

This must be from a fingering font I had installed on my system. It still doesn't explain why these characters get exported even though I deleted them.

I've attached all the XML files I have for this score. Hope we can find the bug.

This is what the score is supposed to look like, and what it looks like when I open either the latest stable version or the latest development version of MuseScore. (I exported to PDF, then converted it to SVG in Inkscape.)

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Many thanks for this. I have no idea why these don't show at all on my system, though I did find a workaround: Add staff text to any note, then click "select all similar elements." The invisible characters still aren't highlighted, but they'll still be deleted when I click delete. Then I can export normally.

Maybe MuseScore can be updated to reveal invisible characters (not just items with "visible" unchecked in the inspector, but actual invisible items that show no sign of even existing)?

It must be due to a special fingering font I have installed, which is visible in the XML:


It uses vertical displacement for fingering offsets. Going down the computer keyboard, the first column (1, q, a, z) represents the finger number 1 in different positions on the score.

The letters show on your system since you don't have this font installed. On my system, the font boundaries are probably outside of MuseScore's expectations and thus don't show at all. That's my best guess. Looks to be a special case but it would be nice to be able to find such hidden characters.