how to remove cleffs

• May 2, 2017 - 16:12

Each stave has a cleff insignia. I only want the first one to have this. What can I do?


Chord symbols use mi7 and ma7. Is it possible to use the symbols you find in the fake book?
Ex: D-7 for Dmi7 or D7 with a line through the seven for Dma7.

I assume you mean, each "system" - like if the first system has measures 1-4, the second system has measure 5-8, etc. Go to Style / General / Page and turn off the "Create clefs for all systems" option.

I'm using musescore 3. I right click on a bar then click Staff/Part Properties. Near the top of the popup window you have options to show/remove clefs, time signatures, and barlines. Click apply and bingo!

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