Musescore hangs after suspend or hibernate

• Jul 4, 2009 - 01:05
S4 - Minor
won't fix

Ubuntu 9.04
MuseScore 0.9.5 1898

After waking up from hibernate or suspend musescore becomes unresponsive. A kill is needed to stop it.
I tried it on two different machine.


Strange, since MuseScore seems to be the only program suffering from this. I'd think it is a problem of musescore in combination with this specific OS and I doubt that users would agree with you.

Just reread that last comment and I feel it didn't quite come out as I intended. It sounds quite hostile now and that wasn't my intention. Sorry about that. I am just trying to help with some suggestion, mainly because I love using musescore and I hope that it can live up to my great expectations.