How do I add Sonatina symphonic orchestra soundfonts using musescore 2.1

I've been trying to figure out how to add new soundfonts to musescore but all the links I've looked at have not helped me at all. I''m trying to get Sonatina symphonic orchestra soundfonts on musescore because it's due time for me to get them.. From the websites I've looked at ive gathered that i (I'm using windows tenn 32 bit):

. download file
. copy it to musescore2/soundfonts
. go to edit/preferences/folders/soundfonts and add that soundfont in the space
. go to view/synthesizer/fluid/ or view/synthesizer/zerberus and add it to one of them depending on your
file type

My problem lies in that the sonatina symphonic orchestra file (under musescore 2/soundfonts) will not show up in the fluid section, and if I try zerberus all the individual instruments show up but if i download them and set them to default it still just uses the regular musescore sounds.

I've been banging my head against the keyboard for 2 days now!! I'd soo love some help! Thanks so much!

here are the links to the websites i've used to get information:

Thanks again!


Of course SFZ files won't show in the Fluid section (there you'd see sf2 and sf3 soundfonts), they should show in the Zerberus section.

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I have downloaded Sonatina_Symphonic_Orchestra. I click on it and a window in musescore 2.1 opens asking if I want to install Soundfont Sonatina_Symphonic_Orchestra.sfz and I say 'yes'. I open the synthesizer and open the Zerberus window and it is empty. I click 'add' and the 'SFZ Files' window opens and that is also empty. I try clicking on 'load' and the SFZ File window disappears but nothing else happens. Zerberus is still empty.
As I've done this several times already when I now click on Sonatina, Musescore tells me that it already exists and do I want to overwrite it. Whatever option I choose - Zerberus remains empty and so does the SFZ File window.
I even tried dragging the Sonatina file into the SFZ File window but that is rejected. Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you very much. I am really looking forward to using this soundfont. Musescore is one of the most exciting things in my life!

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Thank you for taking the time to help me.

First of all, I note that the file I downloaded is called Sonatina_Symphonic_Orchestra_SF2, not SFZ as I expected. It is a zip file. If I click on it there is a READ ME file and the 483,129kb SF2 file. If I click on that a window opens up in Musescore asking me if I want to install it. I click yes and again it says "....../Documents/MuseScore2/Soundfonts/Sonatina_Symphonic_Orchestra.sf2 already exists." (should it be in documents??) and do I want to overwirte it. For the hell of it I say yes and the window disappears. With my heart in my mouth I open the synthesizer - and the Zerberus window is empty. I click on add ... and the SFZ window (not SF2 as I would expect) is empty so I can't add anything. I click 'load' on the offchance but nothing happens.

Fearing that the file shouldn't perhaps be in documents I find the Musescore2 file in Program files - so I open the Musescore2 program file and there I find not 'soundfonts' but 'sound' - I click on sound and sure enough there is the Sonatina file. With its SF2 not Z file extension. Along with the Fluid3Mono file - an SF3 file, and its licence. So it would appear all is in order.

I click on this Sonatina file - the Musescore logo turns orange - it asks me again if I want to install it. I say yes. It says the file already exists and do I want to overwrite it. I say yes.

So I go back, open the Synthesizer and unfortunately it is the same story as before. Zilch. Both Zerberus and SFZ windows empty.

If you can clarify where I'm going wrong I would be eternally grateful.

Perhaps I have to reinstall Musescore 2.1??

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Could you please give me the link for the download of the SFZ file?

I really appreciate your answers and am amazed at the speed at which you answer and your patience. Musescore is the best.
I see the consensus is that the sfz is superior to the sf2, so I would prefer that.

The sfz download seems to be buried somewhere where I can't find it. Google seems to ignore the sfz and sends you to sf2s. For such a headline feature of the new Musescore 2.1 (the video sounded terrific) I would have expected a big fat link to click on somewhere. But you get so much right that I forgive you!
And when you search zerberus in "musescore search for help" I would have expected the link to be the first item found. It isn't.
The first item is from Mar 29, 2015 and is entitled - Zerberus synthesizer does not sound | MuseScore, which doesn't really fit the video trailer!

I actually downloaded the sf2 file through a link in Musescore search on sound fonts.

Kind regards,

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Thank you.
Though I am surprised.
I had already found this entry in the handbook but had dismissed it as not relevant because clicking on it took me to a confusing page which says the original Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra is 6 years old and "These days there are much better options out there".
This seems a strange way of presenting your new miraculous zerberus sound font which is meant to sound like the Detroit Symphony orchestra!
Is this really the one we are talking about?

I have downloaded it and I see I can now load it into the zerberus window. Thank you for your help.

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