Beam - Adjust note to beam distance

• May 7, 2017 - 15:31

Section "Adjust note to beam distance"

In the inspector, about right and left fields from "position" section : in MS, both act same way ; not just "right" for angle and "left" for note to beam distance, as described. No way to adjust distance in the inspector other than incrementing both the same value.

2.1 -871c8ce
Tested on a new score from scratch.

IMO, handbook is right, MS wrong !


It works exactly like the handbook says on my computer. Double click the beam drag the left square to move the entire beam, move the right square to adjust the angle.

SlowRabbit, do you by chance have flatten all beams selected in style->general->beams?

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The handbook could be clearer on the use of user position in the inspector, but it does what it says. Since the two sides work independently, perhaps it the inspector should be in its own section rather than intermingled. Here is an outline with a little explanation:

1. Adjust the beam with the mouse
a. Adjust beam angle
b. Adjust beam height
2. Adjust the beam with the inspector
a. Beam height - the two ends of the beam are move independent of one another unless the the Horizontal box directly above user position is checked
b. Horizontal beam

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