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• May 7, 2017 - 23:42

Hi all,

This is very tough to explain but I attached to jpg file to show you. I have a pdf file that I am trying to put it in MuseScore; one of the notes shown in the jpg file is a (LOW E); the arrangement I have shows this low E on (G-clef) i.e right hand side clef but every time I try to insert the note in that location it jumps to the (F-Clef) i.e. left hand and goes to the beginning of the bar.

Pleas see the two jpg files... I have the area highlighted area in question, I hope the jpg files help explain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!

Thank you,

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Since you didn't include the musescore score, I'm going to guess you are using the mouse to enter the note. If you try to enter that note with the mouse, you will run out of ledger lines and they will start showing in the bass clef. When you click it will be entered into the bass clef at the first spot available (the first beat) and replace what ever is there. Try to click on the rest, press 2 for the duration then press G. It should appear on the second line of the treble clef. Press ctrl-down arrow to move it down an octave. The following notes will be in the correct octave until you get to the E which will probably be an octave low. In keyboard note entry, the note will be in the nearest octave. Alternatively you could press P to see the piano keyboard and use that for the notes and they will appear in the octave you use there.

I'm guessing you're using the mouse to enter your note. Just as I'm guessing now, MuseScore has to guess when you click which note and where you want it entered. At the point where you go low enough on one staff, it start meeting the tipping point of entering high enough in the next one.

Workarounds (pick any one of these):
1./ Use (computer) keyboard entry
2./ Enter the note with the mouse on a higher pitch, then drag it down (or use the arrow keys to lower the pitch
3./ (not sure if this one works): Use a spacer or increase the minimum stave distance.

1. put to "e" note (first line) on treble clef.
2. use ctrl + down arrow for transpose to one octave lower.

or: input any note on treble clef:
method a: use down arrow key on your keyboard to move down chromatically.
method b: while holding shift+alt keys, use down arrow to move down diatonically.

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