D.S. al CODA doesn't work when playing score

• May 8, 2017 - 04:30

According to the manual it says to drag the D.S. al Coda to the measure you want the D.S. to begin then Drag the D.S. sign to the measure where the D.S. should return to. Do I need to insert tags in addition to the D.S. al Coda and D.S. sign because it's not jumping back like I would expect it to? Or is this a bug in
2.1 rev. 871c8ce?


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It's the D.S. part that isn't working. I haven't gotten to the part where the music exits to the Coda when I am playing it back. (I have added a "To Coda" to the score but that shouldn't have anything to do with the jump from the exit point back to the sign).

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Yes. Four signs. I just opened up a new blank page and created the four signs as a test and it works. It doesn't work in my original piece of music so something is definitely broken.

Regarding the repeat button. Yes, it's depressed.

Hi, it might be this:
First set the "DS al Coda" , then the "Coda-sign", as a thirth the "Segno-sign" and as the last item the "to Coda".
Remove the sign your added and replace in the way mentioned above.

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Hans, that was it. I did exactly as you say and it now works. So I take it to mean I must put in the signs in the order that they occur.

Something else I noted. I put the coda in a 1st ending. That may have also caused a problem but at least it's working now. I do a test score with a coda inside of a first or second ending and check it. For now I am good to go. Thanks for taking the time to offer your suggestion.

The fact that it doesn't work probably has to do with MuseScore mapping the score based upon these symbols. When you enter a D.S. al Coda, the inspector shows you what order the score will be played. It mentions Jump to:, which is the segno, Play until:, which is to Coda and Continue at:, which is the coda sign. If there is no segno or no to Coda, there are no jumps mapped. If the Coda sign is missing it will simply treat the to Coda as a Fine.

When you have not notated the score correctly, unexpected results are not a score. The only way MuseScore could protect against this, it to refuse to do anything until you enter the proper words and symbols with annoying alerts explaining why it's being stubborn. I don't think any of us want something like that. The current result is not unreasonable IMHO since if you enter a D.S. al Coda, you should know where the segno and coda are going to go. Just put them in and it will work fine. You can always change your mind later.

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Mike, I can only guess that you missed what I said to Hans.

I did notate the score properly. I had all the signs where they needed to be. However after I put them in, at some point when it wasn't working I must have tried removing and re-adding them in the wrong order all while understanding and knowing how to write and read a chart properly. I was a jazz studies major. I understand how to read charts and write them. I attribute this to be a lack of understanding of how the program works. I haven't used it in a while and wasn't aware this might be an issue. In any event it's now resolved thanks to Hans. No need for further replies or comments. Thanks!

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Thanks! This was a very helpful explanation for me:
"When you enter a D.S. al Coda, the inspector shows you what order the score will be played. "
D.S. al Coda must always be present, even if it seems not to be necessary in certain cases. Otherwise, there is no jump at "To Coda".

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If you have a segno (a sign), you must have a D.S for the score to jump to the segno. If you want the score to jump to the beginning, then you can use D.C. which tells the musician (and MuseScore) to jump to the beginning of the score.

Both of these can be followed by "al Coda" which means there will be a jump to a coda. In this case, both the "to Coda" and a "Coda" sign is necessary for this to work properly. To be clear, you do not have to enter the words and symbols in a certain order, but in the score they must be in the correct order:

segno.....to Coda......D.S al Coda..........Coda sign


to Coda.....D.C. al Coda.......Coda sign

There are other options, but this covers the most common uses.

I've tried every option mentioned in this thread... I have D.S. al Coda, then it jumps back to the Segno sign… and then it just skips over the To Coda and continues to the point where the 1st volta signals to go to the 2nd verse (the DS. al Coda is five bars after the start of the 2nd volta) and then it suddenly jumps to the Coda sign (after the DS al Coda point)… Where my cursor is pointing in the added file is the point where it goes to the Coda sign (instead of at the point of the To Coda at the top of the page)… The segno sign isn't in view... Please help me with fixing this problem… I rely on the playbacks of the scores within MuseScore 3.1 to teach and help kids with singing songs without me having to play the piano so I can pay more attention to those kids

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