Adding new transposing instrument does not create key

• Feb 12, 2013 - 20:06

Hi all,

Just began using MuseScore in a college level instrumentation course.

When creating a score from scratch, transposing instruments display the correct key signature. But if adding a new instrument to an existing work, the key does not appear. (Copying and pasting does indeed paste transposed, but the key has to be added manually.)

(OS 10.8, MuseScore 1.2)

To reproduce: create a score with a single treble non-transposing part. Enter notes. Use Create/Instruments and add a Bb trumpet. It is also in C.


Actually, it has nothing to do with whether the instruments are transposing or not. Key signatures in MuseScore are, for better or worse, maintained separately for each staff (rather than globally as time signatures are). And thus new staves added never inherit any existing key signatures - whether the new staff is for a transposing instrument or not. This also true for key changes that occur in mid tune - you always have to add the,m to each staff individually. For 2.0, that much at least has been fixed - adding a new key to one staff adds it to all staves - but staves added after score creation still don't inherit any key signatures from the existing staves.

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Got it.

Though this was a real question that came up in class (and it seemed counter-intuitive that creating a score from scratch would attach the correct signature, but not creating a new instrument), our real question was about user support. We're trying MuseScore for the first time, and are comparing it to other packages. The question of user support was raised, so while looking for an answer we're also researching the user group. We can now put down very responsive. I've also researched a second question about a missing feature: figured bass symbols. I was able to quickly find a posting on it, pointing to the beta nightly builds which includes figures.

Thanks for the quick response. We are all very impressed with MuseScore. I've sent a note to the rest of the faculty, pointing them to the site. It is a valuable resource.

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