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• Feb 22, 2013 - 20:38

I have a music xml part that has been exported from Sibelius first, but once imported into Musescore, the notes in the third bar piano part and many following ones are displayed an octave lower.
If I open the file with using the Myriad music xml browser plugin the score displays correctly.
The relevant section of the xml is attached (though I can not see any issue with it) as are the views from Musescore & the Myriad browser plugin.

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Unless I'm missing something, these are the exact same octave - it's just that MuseScore is showing the RH notes in the last measurte in the bottom staff rather than the top. I'd guess something about the MusicXML file is making that happen,, but it's hard to say what. Hard to say because a) I am not an expert in MusicXML and b) it's hard to say anything given just a picture of a score or even a snippet of text. The actual file in question is usually more helpful.

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Cause of the issue is that the voice assignment is given only for the first note in every chord. This causes MuseScore to assume that the G3 notes in the lower staff are part of the chords in the upper staff.

Note that the notes are correct, they are displayed on the wrong staff.

Even though I believe the MusicXML file is strictly speaking incorrect, it should not be difficult to make MuseScore more robust and thus prevent this issue. See issue #20174: [MusicXML import] missing voice in chord handled incorrectly.

Fixed file is attached.

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Sibelius_xml_fixed.xml 27.97 KB

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Thanks for the help, I've done a diff on the two files now which made it clear where changes are. Now to go through the whole 11 pages of the score, that that is an example xml from and add the voice. This should be quicker editing the xml , rather than correcting in Musescore.

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