Part and staff dynamics affect entire system

• Jul 11, 2009 - 06:04
S4 - Minor
  1. Open multi-part score (such as bach-bc2)
  2. Add pp to first measure
  3. Add ff to next measure
  4. Press play

Notice dynamic affects the whole system even though it is only marked as a part dynamic (from the context menu choose "MIDI Properties" to see that it is supposed to be a part dynamic)


Hi, I am new here. I have recently installed MuseScore and I think is great! I hope i can stop using finale or sibelius soon.
But this previously reported bug is VERY IMPORTANT! If the dynamics are wrong there is no use to the possibility to play the music, a minor priority, but not to over estimate is the possibility to play as much articulations as possible.
These little things are keeping people from migrating (that, and finale´s GPO, but I´m very confident in the proliferation of open soundfonts or vst like etc)
I love the WYSIWYG of this software!, now I would love to have a WYSIWYH (what you see is what you hear)
Grate job keep on with it!!