Does this function exist ?

• Mar 1, 2013 - 15:13

I call it "multi-tonal sampling"(or a better word ?).
I dont know if this feature already exists, and if its avaible in software for Linux kubuntu?

The function works as this:
You have a wav file with a instrument playing a scale from the bottom
tone and up to the highest tone possible, a example is C, D, E, G, A.
It should the be possible to sample the tones at different points, the
points will in the example used be

That function should provide a method of synthesising more natural sounding instruments, as the synth have a lot more information about tones and how the waveforms are since it has information for more than one single tone.


Virtually all soundfonts are built that way. The more points you sample, the better the quality (all else equal), but even the smallest of soundfonts, like the one that comes with MuseScore, clearly samples multiple notes for most instruments. You can have MuseScore play a chromatic scale slowly and often hear the change in tone when the soundfont switches from one sample point to another.

Byeond adding more sample points, the more sophisticated soundfonts will sample different dynamic level of each note, so that a loud mote isn't just a soft note played with the volume turned up. Most instruments have a notcieable change in tone as they get louder.

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