Separating the two staves of an instrument into two instruments

• Mar 3, 2013 - 13:18

I have a MIDI that has the two piano staves as part of a single instrument, see screenshot 1piano.jpg

I would like to separate the two staves such that each stave is its own instrument, so that I end up with the MIDI's instruments looking like in screenshot 2pianos.jpg (screenshot comes from a different MIDI, which already has separate instruments)

Can anyone please tell me how I can do this separation using MS 1.3? I need to do this so that my keyboard can see the two staves as separate tracks, which I can rehearse separately as LH (left hand) and RH (right hand).

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi longtalker -

I think what you could do is to create two new instruments, one for piano left-hand and one for piano right-hand. You can do that in the Create Instruments window by adding two new piano instruments, then clicking the the hand you don't want and removing it for each one.

Then select the measures for the "full piano" part in the hand you want, copy them and paste them into the new hand part (for each of left and right hands).

When you're done, you can delete the full piano part and you are left with the two hands separately.

Hope that's clear.

I'd recommend that you save the original score under a different name before you do this.


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That worked perfectly fine! I wish other software had such amazing support as MuseScore! :)

Incidentally, two problems:

1) I wanted to delete the first 146 measures, but after selecting the portion of the top stave between the beginning of the piece and until measure 146 (Shift+click), MS always and "reliably" crashes upon pressing Ctrl+Delete (MIDI file attached) to delete those measures.

2) I pressed F11 to bring up the play panel, and changed the tempo to a certain bpm value, however after saving the MIDI file and moving it to the keyboard, it's still played at its default 120 bpm value. Is this parameter not saved with the MIDI?

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Do you mean you created the tempo text in MuseScore, then saved it as MIDI? When you say you set it to 40, do you mean you just entered 40 as the text, or did you actual set it to 40 in the tempo properties? What happens if you play the MIDI file on your computer using some other program - perhaps it is just that your keyboard ignores MIDI tempo info?

If none of this helps, could you post the score and the MIDI you generated from it?

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