F10 Mixer window forgets its size

• Mar 4, 2013 - 22:44

if you have a large no. of parts in a stave you often make changes to the mixer, you can resize the window but when you press F10 again to get remove it to prevent it obscuring your score playback. F10 again you are back to the old window size. If you frequently remix during score testing this gets tedious. Why is non-zero reverb and chorus the default? If I forget to turn these off I get spurious notes playing out of control. Perhaps it's my Toshiba laptop, or maybe software - Win XP SP3 Musescore 1.3. It's the little things people moan about, isn't it?
what about a shortcut (suggest shift+space) to 'rewind to start position' button. Home doesn't reset play to beginning.
and How about making The shortcuts page in Preferences - I will like to have them to hand, the handbook list is a bit thin.


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Hmm, was there a regression in 1.3, and is there a workaround? Seems the default size of the mixer window is much smaller than I remember it being - on my system,.I get room for only instrument. And I have to resize it every time. Before, I think there at least half a dozen instruments shown at once by default, although I don't I don't remember if I had to resize it every time or not if I wanted it bigger.

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On further experimentation, what seems to happen is that if you first open the mixer window on a score with only one instrument, you get the tiny window, and that sticks for as long as MuseScore remains up. But if the first time you bring up the mixer during a session is on a score with multiple instruments, then you get a more normal sized window, and that's the size that then sticks for the duration of the session. So, probably not a regression at all - I probably just hadn't tried bringing up the mixer window on a score with only one instrument before.

In Preferences -> Shortcuts, the shortcut for "rewind" is labeled "Player Rewind". By default there is no shortcut but you can create your own.

yes it is obviously there now you point it out and shift + space does the job. I feel such a fool, I must have seen it 4 or 5 times when searching for return or player. You chaps must have the patience of saints.

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