User login appears in sidebar when accessing My issues

• Mar 8, 2013 - 14:58
S4 - Minor

1. Log into
2. 'Issue tracker'.
3. 'My issues'.

Result: User login appears in the sidebar.

4. Click on either 'Login' or 'Create new account'.

Result: The pages loads with a message: 'You are already logged in.'

Using Safari 6.0.2, Firefox 19.0.2 and Camino 2.1.2 - Mac 10.7.5.


Using IE9 on W7, I click on "Issue Tracker", which opens the "Issues for all projects" page, and in the sidebar I then see links for "My issues" and "Subscribe". I then click on "My issues" and that takes me correctly to "Issues for TonyM-softins". However, in the sidebar for that page there is no "Account" section at all below the Plugins link.

I have just tried the above in Firefox 13 on W7 too, and get the same behaviour as I described for IE.

I log in using "old skool" account. Might it be different if using a account? Just a thought.