Change value of multiple notes

• May 22, 2017 - 16:35

I was trying to change the value of multiple notes (ie. on downbeat) on the same bars position but on different staves/instruments. Unless Im doing something wrong (which is quite possible) MS2.1 doesn't change those values. Bug? Future features?



Doing this for multiple notes would be easy for MuseScore if you can guarantee there is no more than one note *per staff* selected. Otherwise, you run into the basic problem of guessing the desired behavior would be if the notes would overlap after the change - the reason we don't currently have a "double note values" command operating on a range. That's something we do need to solve eventually. But in theory, we could make it work easily if there is no possibility of overlap.

You can change all the notes by the same amount on all the staves you want as long as you ctrl-click all notes after the first.

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I click a note, and ctrl-click a few other notes, press the up arrow and they move up 1/2 step, ctrl-shit-arrow the move diatonically, ctrl-arrow and the move an octave. They all have to move the same amount. What does note work is pressing a note name such a C or duration such a 4. What also works for re-pitching the same as above is click a note, shift click any other note and all selected notes work the same as with ctrl-click.

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