Voices Problem

• Mar 17, 2013 - 14:39

Using Version 1.3

Having problems adding Voice 2 - see attached explanation.

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Could be a corrupted score or a problem with breaks in voice 2 having been deleted. In the latter case swap voices 1 and 2 twice, in the former [Ctrl][Del] the affected measure, insert a new one and reenter the notes.
In any case it might be helpful to attach your score here

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You did attacht a picture of the score, I asked for the score itself...
A score can get corrupt during note entry, so new scores are not immune to corruption.

There's definitly is something wrong with the score, there is something additional to the 1st voice quarter rest.
Looks like a 16th rest in voice 2, which would be wrong, there should be a full rest instead.

Leads me to assume you deleted the other 2nd voice rests. As mentioned swapping voice 1 and 2 twice for that measure should bring the lost rests back and enable you to enter notes on 2nd voice

I suspect I know what happened.

First, note it is completely normal and correct that the green line would have appeared on beat one even though you had positioned the cursor on beat two before changing voices. Changing voices always resets the position to whatever is appropriate for the new voice (beginning of measure, or just after last note in that voice, I think).

As for why you can't enter more notes in that voice, i'll bet you had already entered notes then deleted them, and then deleted the rests that were left behind. This creates a temporary "hole" in the measure where you can't add anything else. The workaround is to exchange voices then back again. There has beem some discussion over whether deleting rests should be allowed at all, and it seems clear 2.0 will behave differently in this regard one way or another.

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