cannot open older musescore files

• May 23, 2017 - 14:39

I have a couple of scores which I have written with an older version of
MuseScore and my newer version cannot read these older files. In fact I can no
longer open these older files. How can I import these files into my newer
version of MuseScore? Sincerely Victor


from MuseScore 0.9.5 or older? Then do as the error message tells you

It was last saved with version 0.9.5 or older.
You can convert this score by opening and then
saving with MuseScore version 1.x.
Visit the MuseScore download page to obtain such a 1.x version.

Open them with MuseScore 1.3 (maybe a portable app) and save.

What does the error say exactly? It is true current versions won't open *extremely* old files from before there was even an official 1.0 version of MuseScore. But it is also true that while the current version - MuseScore 2.1 will open files from MuseScore 1.0 or even a little older (0.9.6), some of those older files are corrupt in ways older versions didn't bother to report, and MuseScore will warn you about those. You can load them anyhow by clicking "Ignore".

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