The staccatos on my piece speed up

• May 24, 2017 - 00:51

The newest music on my page, "Marches for Brass Band", has many staccatos in it, but when it plays the staccatos, the music speeds up. I tried to, but can't find a solution to this problem. Any help is appreciated!

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HMM, something indeed seems very wrong, but I can't tell what. Often this turns out to be an invisible tempo element, but I tried getting rid of all tempo elements by right clicking one, Select / All Similar Elements, and pressing Delete, and the problem persisted, even after a saved and reload. So I thought it must have something to do with the linked parts, but removing them didn't help either. Then I thought the problem might have to do with the repeats. I notice there are several voltas overlapping each other - for example, at measure 20. but removing all voltas doesn't fix it either.

So, I'm mystified.

BTW, for future reference, it is better to attach your score directly here when asking for help.

Actually, I can now see why this is happening, but I'm still not sure what caused it: your staccato markings all have a "timeStretch" value of 0.7. This is not normal. Were you experimenting with custom instrument.xml files at one time? Or a custom palette? Or maybe you were attempting to set a time stretch for some *other* articulation and accidentally did a select all similar so it got applied to staccato? Or maybe you simply thought setting time stretch on staccato would be a good way to set the length (as you can now see, it isn't)?

Anyhow, the fix is simple: right click one such staccato, select / all similar elements (or select / more / same subtype), then set the time stretch to 1.0 in the Inspector.

I'm going to guess this was imported from another source. In the definition of staccato in the XML it has "time stretch = .7" rather than the MuseScore's "gate time = .5".

In the first section the tempo is 320 until it gets to the staccato and changes to 457 which is 320/.7 then changes back after the staccatos are done. Presumably the same ration occurs in all the other sections during the staccato.

I would create a new score with the same instruments and 1120 measures in cut time. Then copy all of the measures at one time. You will then have to go back and enter any system items such as repeats and tempo marks. You can open both copies at once by selecting view->stacked scores to make transferring the system items easier. This will fix the score playback.

Marc was answering at the same time as me. His fix works, so you can ignore mine.

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