Possible to change instrument sound?

• Jul 21, 2009 - 04:32

This is simply a help topic. If it's not possible, that's okay.

The situation:
I created my very own arrangement of The Music of the Night by Andrew Lloyd Webber from The Phantom of the Opera for flute. Now I want to do the same for clarinet. Instead of redoing the entire song, I simply saved another copy of the flute version and transposed the notes for clarinet. I already have the SoundFont for the different instruments, and I simply want to know if it's possible to change the playback to a clarinet sound rather than flute.



As far as I know it's not possible with 0.9.4 but it's possible with a prerelease of 0.9.5. Prerelease are versions for testing purpose. It's better uninstalling 0.9.4 first if you want to try. To change the instrument go to Display -> Mixer
Instructions are on the download page.

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