Program Shutdown while entering chords, possibly connected to a note with a tie

• May 7, 2013 - 20:50
S2 - Critical

I started entering chords on a score with an existing melody line that had been imported from a midi file.
Entered two chords, and spaced to the next, a note with a tie, and the program shut down.
Restarted program, reloading previous session and tried again, same thing in same place.
Restarted without reloading previous session, same thing in same place.
Reverted to version 33bf5ea and it worked fine.
Win 7, 64 bit


I haven't reproduced it yet. I had to re-install that version and find the original midi file that I downloaded and so far I haven't had a crash. I had a feeling I should have gathered it all up right then, but didn't, sorry. I'll keep an eye on it.

With version

Open the attached file.
Click on first note.
Press Ctrl-K for a chord.
I pressed space to move to the next note and the program quit right then.
If I put in a chord letter on the first note it accepted it, but if I then press space to skip to the next note it quit again.

I used the attached style page, which I started in version 1.3, but seems to be working on nightly builds okay; I include it just in case.
I just tried the newer bc04561 and it seems to be working fine.

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Status (old) needs info fixed

Thank you for the investigation. You can't reproduce in a recent nightly, and I can't too. I put this issue on fixed. Reopen if necessary.