Undo rehearsal Mark crashes MuseScore.

• May 7, 2013 - 22:11
Graphical (UI)
S2 - Critical

Nightly e174c4b - Vista x32 - Seven x64

Open or create a partition.
Place rehearsal mark
Undo or delete this
MuseScore crashes ...


The rehearsal mark can be created indifferently with CTRL + M, the palette or menu.

1 - Undo removes the rehearsal mark but leaves a visible frame. Deletion by Suppr or remove by undo this residual frame causes crash.


2 - Remove the rehearsal mark directly by Suppr triggers the crash immediately.

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@Miré: Can you try with a more recent revision? A bug has been fixed about removing items from segment annotations the day after the revision you quote (the bug was about dynamics, but rehearsal marks follow the same structure).



The e174c4b version is the most recent that I found on the website.
Where can I find the latest version right ?

For the latest version bc04561

1 delete rehearsal mark : OK
2 undo leaves always a residual frame (see #2).

But in the two cases, no longer crashes MuseScore

Status (old) needs info fixed

Seems to me that this is now fixed,

Maybe a new issue should be opened regarding the persistent frame?

Please feel free to change the status back to active if you disagree

I considered this residual part as an anomaly but on reflection it is a landmark re-edited if necessary it might be deleted after work if necessary. It is ultimately a good thing ; )