Breath & Pauses

• May 27, 2013 - 23:02

Some pauses (railroad tracks) I enter don't stay where I put them. I'll enter them on the last note of the measure, the pause appears AFTER that last note, I save the score, but when I go back to it later, the pause has moved to just BEFORE the last note of the measure. What am I doing wrong or is this a known bug?


Hard to say what you are doing wrong without seeing the score and a description of what you are actually doing, but as I mentioned elsewhere, a common mistake is to first p[lace the marking in some random place and them drag it into position. This generally doesn't work if the score layout ever changes. You need to attach the marking to the note you wish it to be attached to.

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I am attaching the pause to the last note of the measure and it pops in exactly where I need it at the end of the measure. However, as I said, when returning to the score after saving and closing, it has moved itself to in front of the last note of the measure.

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My guess is this will turn out to be related to something about the multi-voice texture here, and that the marking is being placed relative to the note in voice 1 without regard to voice 2, or something like that. Because I can't reproduce the problem in a staff with only one voice.

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