Exporting Musescore file to Sibelius 7

• Jun 3, 2013 - 06:11


I am not sure if this is the correct board to post this under, but it seemed close enough. I have been using musescore for over two years now and over the course of time have gotten more serious about my composing. One of my pieces I started has 32 different parts, and while musescore started out fine, it has proven rather unreliable and sluggish the more involved I get with my piece. I am trying to move my piece over from Musescore to Sibelius 7 and all of the methods come up with a ridiculous amount of errors. The closest I could get to a correctly exported file is with Musicxml. This, however transfers all of my key signatures over right except three instruments and sibelius doesn't know what to do about it! (haha) Is it always this hard to export files from Musescore? Or am I just doing something wrong? Any advice would be most appreciated! Thank you for your guys' help!


A quick tip: make sure you run the latest MuseScore (1.3) and also the latest Sibelius (7.1.3). This will offer you the best possible MusicXML export and import from both sides.

Having said this, I can tell you that MusicXML export will be much improved in the next MuseScore version, i.e. 2.0. There is not ETA yet on the release, but you can check out the nightly builds.

Not sure what else you might have tried other than MusicXML, but MusicXML is the *only* thing you should have tried. It is the one and only standard for sharing scores between programs. Nothing else should be even remotely expected to work. Well, MIDI would "work" in the sense of creating a file that would open in Sibelius, but MIDI loses virtually all information of consequence in a score aside from the notes themselves (and even then, losing quite a bit of information there too).

BTW, getting sluggish as pieces get extremely long - hundreds of measures - is a known limitation of MuseScore, but it is often possible to work around it by breaking your piece into sections, each in a separate file. Something else to try.

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