Add turn symbols with accidentals

• Jun 3, 2013 - 13:48
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I've just come across an omission whilst transcribing some Elgar. There is no turn sign available with a chromatic alteration symbol. In this particular instance the sign required is a turn with a double sharp below which I believe occurs in some Chopin Etudes, but which I have come across for the first time in this piece of Elgar.

The usual use of this symbol is with a sharp or flat above or below the turn symbol.

Could I also request the addition of the reverse turn symbol with the line through the centre, which is clearer and less prone to confusion than the reverse turn symbol we have in the palette currently.

You can find examples etc here:

If you need someone to produce an SVG template for the new symbols, I would be quite happy to do that, but I will need pointing to the place in the source code where these images are kept.


FWIW these are not images but stored in the font. In the rare occasion where I had to used these symbols, I created them using a small staff text.

I created them using a small staff text.

Yes that is how I have done it in 1.3

These compound symbols are quite frequent. Mozart piano sonatas are littered with them, as are Haydn and Beethoven's they are also quite prevalent in the keyboard and organ music of JS Bach and other baroque composers.

It would, therefore, be worth including them in the Gonville font at some point, although it is not a burning issue, which is why I have marked it minor, it would save on quite a few mouse clicks, however.

Same need for gruppetto and trills ... I didn't found any way to enter an accidental. I will try the staff texte, but it will not be played ...

If we can have different symbols representing all the gruppettos with bottom/top #/b/0 (that's 16 possibilities right, there can be a sharp/flat/natural/no-mark above and below) then I think it will be pretty straightforward to implement the midi playback for them.

This appears to be an unresolved issue. It does not seem possible to add accidentals applyinh to a turn, shown above or below the turn in the normal fashion.

I can see it got marked as a duplicate. I checked out the other thread and that seemed equally unresolved.

As far as I can see there is no way in MuseScore to modify a turn or a trill or any other ornament with an accident relating to the note below or the note above the principal, nor the principal itself.

In MuseScore help there are suggestions on how to place an accident off-stave (and thus near the ornament) but the results do not appear to actually effect the ornament as shown when played; the placed "accident" seems to function merely as a text (is not tied to or related to the ornament).

The other issue is an open suggestion. There is no way to automatically enter accidentals and have both display correctly and affect the playback. gives instructions for the easiest way to do this.

I don't know any details, but I expect this to be addressed in version 4.0.