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• Jun 6, 2013 - 19:18

As a new user, I'm trying "things" within Musescore and am really impressed.

tried the Open Midi option and it's nearly perfect, however,
a) I have a tune where the time signature is 3/2 time but it starts with a single minim (anacrusis) and then the first "proper" bar. Obviously MuseScore didn't pick that up which has given some unusual tied notes across bars when really, they should be notes within the same bar. is there any way to tell MuseScore about an anacrusis before inputting the file or, how do I add the anacrusis to finished file?

b) The source file was created in a different music package and had 4 lines. Musescore has inserted 4 key-signatures (almost). How can I remove the superfluous ones?

I've attached a pdf of what I started with and what MusScore produced.

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East Bank.PDF 127.66 KB
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Can you fix the MIDI file? It should have contained the information about the anacrusis but apparently doesn't. Fixing it - by going back to whatever program created it and doing whatever that program does to handle this - would probably be the best solution. But if that's not an option, the next best would be to use cut and paste - select all, cut, enter two beats of rest, then paste onto the third. It might not do good things with ties, but actually, in this particular example, it seems fine. You'd then need to fix up that first bar to be incomplete - right click, measure properties, actual time signature 1/2. That will probably eliminate beats 2 & 3 rather than 1 & 2, so maybe cur beat 3 before you do that then paste.

Similar answer for the second question - can you fix the MIDI? It shouldn't have a change of key signature for no reason. But here again, simply deleting the extra key signatures after importing doesn't cause any real harm. Just click and hit delete (Fn-delete or whatever Mac uses as a substitute for delete because it has no separate backspace & delete keys).

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