Drumline or Marching Percussion Soundfont for MuseScore 2

• Jul 1, 2013 - 14:45

I have this morning separated Mike Schorsch's excellent marching percussion additions to the TimGM6mb soundfont into it's own soundfont for use with MuseScore 2

If you want to use instruments from the new Marching Percussion Instrument Group you will need to enable this soundfont in the Synthesiser page.

You can download it here:-



There is also a version of this soundfont with a double set of cymbals.

The extra cymbals have not yet been mapped into the instruments.xml file.

If you would like a copy email me.

Oh, this is cool! I wonder now about the possibility of including this and/or other speciality soundfonts in the distribution, probably as sf3 files?

Filefactory has said the server is overloaded and I can't download it, I have been trying for 2 days. Can you upload it to mediafire or a different file host?

Please note that the Filefactory experience for downloaders is now so unsatisfactory with an online betting window popping up that I have pulled the soundfonts from Filefactory.

I shall be giving them a temporary home on my Google drive later today, but will ultimately set up a Google site for the MuseScore soundfont project.

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Ok, so I got the first one to work, but it would only work for the snare drum. Like when I pulled up the tenor drums, it would still have snare voices for whatever note in the note selection menu for tenor drums. Same for bass drums and cymbals. I couldn't get the DrumlineXtra to work.

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The different percussion sections of a Marching Band are in different presets in the soundfont, so Snares are in Preset 0, Bass Drums in Preset 1, Cymbals in Preset 2 and, Tenors in Preset 3

Consequently you have to select the correct preset from the mixer to suit the section of the band playing.

It could be argued that the soundfont should be organised as one big kit, but this is how Mike Schorsch made it, so I just left it like that.


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When I open the mixer, I don't get the different options for different presets in the soundfont. It just comes up as "Standard."
And when I do a regular instrument, it automatically defaults to the snare sound and I get options to change it from tenors to basses to cymbals. But when I try doing that with the snare instrument, I don't get those options, just Standard, Standard 1, Standard 2 etc.

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OK - in my haste to get a working soundfont out I forgot to set the Bank MSB/LSB to define the patches as drumkits.

That is now fixed :)

Please download again.

Incidentally I have decided to produce a new version of the Drumline soundfont which maps all the instruments to the same patch number. I think in the long run this will be more efficient.

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Yes it worked this time. Yay! I recommend restarting Musescore after adding the sounfont. I didn't do that and when I opened another score, there was no sound and everything was mapped to the Yamaha Grand Piano sound. I restarted it and now everything is back to normal. With the added drumline sounds.

Attached is the proposed keymap for the new combined Drumline/Marching Percussion soundfont.

Before I go ahead and implelement this, please take a look and see if it will satisfy your requirements

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KeyMapCombined.ods 29.31 KB

I downloaded from the google drive and put both sound fonts in the musescore soundfonts folder. What else do I have to do? The soundfonts show up in the synthesizer but theres no instruments. What do i do with the keymap files?

How do I add these, the ones from google drive, to the musescore program? So I can select the drumline instruments from the choose instrument page and get the sounds?

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Like in the old one for Musescore 1 we had to add the instruments to a folder to make them be able to be choose, this is only the sound font not the the thing needed. that was added to templates before, in order to do it, right thats why i dont know how to install it for it to work, i can get the sound font in but then cant even choose the snare drum to be in one staff, then the bass, and the tenor ect.

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The Marching Percussion instruments are already in the instruments definition file in MuseScore 2.

They should be treated in the same way as any other unpitched percussion instrument but the Marching Percussion soundfont needs to be selected in the mixer, in order to get the sounds.

There is a slight problem with the way the score is represented from the information as the way MuseScore interprets the stave has changed in version 2. I will be submitting a change to rectify this in the near future.

In the meantime you can use Edit Drumset to move the notes to the correct lines.


So I don't really know how to download the file to get it running correctly in musescore 2... can someone please help? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I added the soundfont (the Xtra one wouldn't work though) and the actual drums get sound, just not the buzzes or anything like that, is that because of the Xtra?

I downloaded it and added it into the synthesizer(Xtra version won't work though), but it doesn't make any noise, and I cant figure out how to fix it. Is there some setting i need to change first?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found the problem, it was in the mixer.

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I've been using musescore 1.4 for 4 or 5 years now. I am an instructor for high school and an indoor drumline. I used to use the melodic toms and stuff just to get the notes on the paper. As I'm sure you are aware, this gave me absolutely no playback ability. However; I've recently purchased a new computer and was forced to upgrade to musescore 2. I found this link online today whilst looking for some playback options for a drumline; and I installed the sound font. The only issue I'm having is that the sounds simply aren't playing.


-downloaded the zip
-opened the sound font files
-added them into the synthesizer in the program.

What other steps am I missing?

I really appreciate your time; and I'm sure the playback ability will help the kids out significantly as well.


The download link is not working. It says:

Invalid Download Link
This file may have been deleted by the uploader, or it may have expired. This error can also occur if the file link is invalid. Please contact customer support if you require further assistance.

I got this far somehow with trying to get this to work, but I'm not sure what to do from here. As it is, nothing makes any sounds at all, and if I get rid of "MikeScorschDrumLine.sf2" and just leave the Xtra and then "FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3" I can hear the drumline and some woodwinds playing but nothing else. How do I make it work ;-;

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I believe I found the problem. In the mixer, which I've never touched before lol, the 'sound' for the wind instruments was set as Yamaha Grand Piano somehow, and the if the Xtra soundfont file is below the other mike file in the synthesizer then the percussion instruments sound is set to 56MarchingSnare. I can fix it in the mixer, I just wish I knew how to prevent it in the first place...

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Did you create this score from scratch in 2.0, or was it imported from elsehwere? If so, something might have gone wrong with the import, in which case, posting the original file you imported would help us understand. I could also imagine mixer assignments being messed up if you were experimenting with soundfonts, perhaps putting yourself in a state where you hadno soundfont loaded at all or a soundfont with only a single sound and somehow that stuck. not really sure of all the interactions. If you find a reproducible series of steps that causes this, do post them.

This soundfont is pretty decent. However, I've been trying to write a bass cadence and this doesn't help as much as I would have liked. The other percussion instruments sound good but the basses could be improved.

It wont let me download the file and i have tried to get it on different browser. When i go to the site it tells me that the file may have been deleted or is invalid. Please help.

I got the files now all i have to figure out is how to add them to the synthesizer. Please help i am really becoming frustrated.

Marc Sabatella i need you or somebody. This is very exciting and i cant even figure out how to add the files to the synthesizer. Its not everyday i get to work with soundfonts and everything.

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Save the file into the MuseScore2 / Soundfonts folder that MuseScore crreated for you. Then, from MuseScore, go to View Synthesizer, press the Add button, and sleect the file you donwloaded. That's all there is to installing the soundfont.

To actually use the marching drum sounds in any given score, you need to go to View / Mixer and select the approriate sound for each staff.

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My guess you've actually done too much - probably you tried following the instructions meant for 1.3, but those are wrong for 2.0.

I think the thing to do is, explain what you've already done (everything you can remember), what problem specifically you are having still, and then post a score you are having problems with and describe precisely step by step what you are doing, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead.

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-I downloaded the file (from the most recent post with a link in this thread).
-I extracted it using winrar.
-I opened Musescore 2.
-I added the MikeScorschDrumLine.sf2 in the synthesizer (it's first in the list)
-I set up my score with the appropriate instruments selected in the mixer.
-restarted musescore 2 when it didn't work.
-still didn't work
-restarted PC and laanched ms2
-still no go

-Added DrumlineXtra.drm to templates.
-still not working

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Ok that answers the questions about what you did to set it up, and it sounds about right except you probably don't want that DRM file for 2.0. But you haven't said what specifically does not work. Please attach the score you are having problems with and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem you are seeing.

Is it possible you neglected to add the marching version of the instrument when setting up you score? Eg, you might have selected the standard snare drum rather than marching snare drum in the Instrument dialogs (as opposed to the mixer)? Select "All Instruments" from the dropdown at the top of the Instruments list to find the marching percussion.

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Whenever I upload something online the voices change for the percussion parts. For instance the Bass Drums and Tenors change to piano. And whenever I reopen my score on the computer all the voices in the mixer have changed to either Marching Snare or Yamaha Piano dependent on if they were a drum or not. Do you know how to get it so that whenever I upload they stay the right voice?

I'd like to start by saying fantastic work on the sound fonts. And especially amazing job dealing with all of the questions and comments. You are to be commended ChurchOrganist for being so patient!

I have added the sound fonts and they are great. One question, and please excuse the ignorance of the question if I am wrong as I have just begun my foray into drumline, but aren't the tenor pitches in the wrong order? Shouldn't drum 2 be higher than drum 3? For me, these two seem to be reversed.

Did I do something wrong? Or am I mistaken about the drum names and pitches?

Thanks again!

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The answer to that is.....

I don't know.

The order of tenor drums is as laid out by Mike Schorsch the orginal author of the soundfont.

As I understand it there are usually 4 tenor drums numbered 1 to 4 starting at the lowest. There is also a spock drum used for accents which is of a higher pitch than the rest.

I know very little about drumline, however, so I may be wrong.

I've successfully added the soundfont and changed the instrument sounds in mixer, but I still get no sound from the drumline. What could I e doing wrong?

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I can't seem to have BOTH soundfonts play. Either I get the default, or ONLY the marching sounds. I've added the soundfont to the synth. Am I missing something?

EDIT: Nevermind, had to change in the mixer.

I'm having some issue with the audio playback and here are my step-by-step instructions of how I got the file and used it:

-Downloaded from most recent link
-Extracted files by using WinRar
-Placed MikeScorschDrumLine.sf2 into the Soundfonts folder
-Opened up MuseScore
-Created a New Score selecting "Snare Drum" as the only instrument
-Go into Synthesizer, selected the file
-Deleted all other Soundfonts and "Save to Score / Set as Default"
-Go into Mixer and selected 56MarchingSnare
-Simply placed a 2 measures of quarter notes, one of "Acoustic Snare" and another of "Rim Click"
-No sound being played back.

Please do help. I've looked all over and I can't figure out why I'm not getting any sound back.

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My guess is that you've added the standard snare drum and not the Marching Percussion one, so, as you've deleted the default soundfont it is, of course, not playing because the drumline version has not sounds mapped to those notes.

To be sure though, please attach the score here so I can take a look.

You need to make sure that you select drumline instruments from the Marching Percussion section and not the Unpitched Percussion section. If the Marching Percussion section is not visible make sure you have All Instruments selected from the dropdown at the top of the Instruments dialogue.

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You just need to have both the standard soundfont and the drum soundfont installed, and then select the appropriate sounds for each instrument using the Mixer. Depending on whether you have msotly winds and just a few percussion or vice versa, it might make more sense to have the standard or marching soundfont listed first. Whichever is listed first is used by default, so the instruments that require the other will require use of the Mixer.

I need help installing this. Is there any step by step instructions?
Also can you drag and drop from the WinRAR file or do you have to extract first. Thanks so much

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It should be in a ZIP file???

Are you downloading from the right place?

You should be able to drag it straight from its compressed folder into your MuseScore Soundfont folder.

Once you have done that then follow the instructions in the handbook for installing a soundfont.

Make sure the Marching Percussion soundfont is at the bottom of the list and use the Mixer to select the requisite sounds from it.

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So what is happening?

Are you getting the sounds from the default drumset??

Are the notes all sounding as piano?

I need a bit more to go on here.

It would help if you would post a screenshot of your soundfont list in the Synthesiser page, and also a score file (mscz) of a piece you are having this problem with.

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Yes they are a bit clunky aren't they :)

I've no idea where the original author got the samples, but in the absence of replacements we're stuck with them........

I have no idea what a marching bass drum should sound like.

Is it like a standard drumset kick drum?
Or the big orchestral bass drum?

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Marching bass drum is basically a portable version of an orchestral bass drum. Actually, a drum set kick drum is essentially the same sort of drum as well, but being planted on the floor, often muted in some way, and struck differently, it tends to sound more like "thud" and less like "boom". Whereas marching and orchestral are more similar.

Wow, this is great! Thanks for uploading. There are only two problems. First, there is no snare sound. I selected the one in the marching percussion category and set the sound to 56marchingsnare, but it still does not work. The second issue is not with the percussion, but with the other instruments. When I first installed the soundfont, I tried one of the pieces I am writing. The percussion worked fine (except for the snare, of course), but all of the other instruments were set to Yamaha Grand Piano. I tried restarting musescore, like other people suggested. When I did that, the wind instruments went back to normal, but the percussion instrument were set to different standards, with not 56marchingsnare, 57marchingbass, etc. sounds available. Any suggestions? :(

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There certainly is a snare sound! In fact there are several.

How did you enter the notes for the snare?

Did you use the drumset definition supplied with the soundfont?

If the answer is no, then the snare sounds would not be mapped to the notes you were using.

You should make sure that the marching percussion soundfont is at the bottom of the list in the synthesiser page. Then it won't affect instruments assigned to the default soundfont (MuseScore regards whichever soundfont is at the top as the one it should use for default sounds.)

Once you have done this you should click the Set As Default button.

Now you need to select the correct sounds from the mixer.

Finally click the Save To Score button in the synthesiser page so that you don't have to select from the mixer each time you open the score.


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As explained above, there is no soundfont you should be installing for MuseScore 2.x - the sounds are already in there in the default. So probably whatever it is you installed (an old version designed for 1.x and incompatible with 2.x, probably), you need to uninstall it. Then go through and fix the changes you made in the Mixer. For MuseScore 2, everything should work correctly out of the box, no soundfonts to download, nothing to change in the Mixer.

So, uninstall the incompatible soundfont, create a new score, add the marching instruments (and if you've also installed an old incompatible instruments.xml, you need to get rid of that too), and start writing - everything should just work.

If you continue to have trouble, please be sure you are on the current version of MuseScore (2.2.1), do a Help / Revert to Factory Settings to be sure you don't have any bad customizations left over form before, then try again. And if it still doesn't work, please start a new thread and attach the score you are having trouble with.

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Sounds like you are having some sort of problem, but it isn't clear what. Unless you are literally still using the soundfont and other tools originally created for MsueScore 1 back in 2013, though, whatever problem you are having is probably not related to this thread. Best to start a new thread and describe the problem in more detail, and attach the score you are having trouble with. Then we can understand and assist better.

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