"Define" keyboard shortcut causes crash

• Jul 7, 2013 - 01:37
S2 - Critical

I'm running musescore version 1.3 revision 5702 in Ubuntu Linux 13.04 64-bit. When I open musescore settings and try to define an unassigned keyboard shortcut by selecting a shortcut, then clicking the "Define" button, musescore crashes/closes.

I see I'm using the musescore package from this PPA:
http://ppa.launchpad.net/kxstudio-team/ppa/ubuntu/ raring/main amd64 Packages

packaged by the kxstudio-team:

the package is version 1.3+dfsg-1+nopulse1~raring1

and is available here:

I've asked them to enable ddebs for this package so I can provide debugging information for you to help you fix this bug easier. I'll add a comment/upload an attachment later when that is done, unless you're able to fix the issue without debugging info.

I don't know if the error is in the musescore code, or if it is due to a problem with kxstudio-team's compiling/packaging.


Hi nickleus

There will be no more updates towards 1.x version, as the focus is now on 2.0.

Could you try reproducing it there?

Thanks :).

Hi, I just tried adding a keyboard shortcut in version 2 and it went fine. That particular "define" shortcut wasn't even there, btw. It looks like you can close this.