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• Jul 9, 2013 - 19:09

I'm new to Musescore and I love it so far. I've searched the forums but can't find an answer to this question: how do I adjust the height of a Volta?

I'm creating a jazz lead sheet with multiple endings and the beams, chord symbols, and volta indications are colliding. (I can't change stem direction in this instance, because I have more than one voice in each ending and need the stems in voice 1 to go up.)

I have right clicked on the Volta line but don't see any way to adjust the x axis without changing the symbol.


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And what to do if I don´t want to drag each single Volta`? oO ... It terribly sucks honestly ... always encountering these problems. The worst and most frighning part of musescore is the exerpt - part of your work ... short before beeing finished nothing seems to work anymore :(

I use "text" options "volta" and adjust hight from standard 1,9 spatium - setting, (which is with a guarantee much to low) to a higher value.
And what about the allmighty "apply to every exerpt" - button? Not even a single Volta does lift...

These "apply" - options never work whenn I want to use them! I don´t get the isue. What am I doing wrong?

One hour left for me to finish my work and I need to adjust every !=$)==)( Volta in every single score ... not to speak of cresc. and dynamics and marks ... texts everything ...

The whole "apply" thing does´t work properly for me.

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I think you are misunderstanding how these style options work.

First, note the default height for voltas is -3sp, not 1.9sp. The 1.9sp value is for the hook height" - that is, the length of the hook on the volta, not the height of the volta above the staff. However, that only sets the default for new voltas, not already existing ones. So no wonder you aren't seeing the voltas move when you increase that value. But the *vertical position affects existing voltas as well as yet-to-be-created ones.

The default value should actually be good for any part that does not use chord symbols, but if you do use chord symbols, or have some non-standard usage that makes the default too low, you are welcome to change it.

The "Apply to all Parts" button is meant to apply to already existing parts. That is, you use it after you generate parts using File / New. Before the parts are generated, there is no need for this, because the parts will automatically inherit the setting from the score.

So, if you have no already generated parts, go to Style / General / Volta (in the score, because that is all that exists) and change the default vertical position as you see fit. This will apply to the score but also to any parts you subsequently generate.

If you have already generated parts, they each have their own style settings that start out as being inherited from the score but can be changed independently. If you wish to change the height of voltas in all parts after generating the parts, go to one of the parts, Style / General / Volta, make your change, and press "Apply to all Parts".

Finally, note that plain "Apply" is never actually needed - pressing OK is always defined to that automatically, in any standard Windows, macOS, or Linux program. You use "Apply" only if you want to see the results of your action without closing the dialog. Again that's not unique to MuseScore, but standard across most programs on all major OS's.

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