Help formatting polyphonic guitar measure

• Jun 11, 2017 - 22:56

I'm transcribing Aire Vasco by Antonio Jimenez Manjón:…

I'm trying to format in a good way measure number 14 and all the following measure which contain the same thing. I'm not succeeding in overlaying the two G# with different duration. Changing head type doesn't make the trick.

This is what I expect:

This is what I get:

I also attach the file I'm working on!

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Ouch, thank you guys for the reply. I didn't realise the stem of the upper voice was down, for some reason I pictured this as a not handled case so I asked here without thinking!

Edit: I'm not at laptop anymore so I can't try now, but I just realised that Jm6stringer pointed out a different thing than stem direction. So it's all a matter of which voices I group together?

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Basically, your current mistake (no worry, it's a common misunderstanding) is to not respect the logical order of the voices input.
For that, you must think like a vocal quartet: Voice 1 (soprano), Voice 2 (alto), Voice 3 (tenor), Voice 4 (bass).
If you were doing a transcription of a vocal quartet for guitar, you would not think, I suppose, consider the Soprano as the Bass :) Basically, that's what you did.

And so, in your score, all is mixed and not at the right place: the melodic voice is in voice 2, the bass is in voice 1, and the intermediate line is in voice 3.
Considering the direction of the beams of the different voices, this leads to the difficulties that you encounter.

I put all this in order in your score: Aire Vasco1.mscz
You will see, in continuing, that it will be better. And you will be in a notes input that has more sense musically.

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Thank you everyone for the replies. Indeed the main problem was just stem directions, so by pressing X on the upper voice simply solve the problem.

Anyway I think the solution of cadiz1 is the best one cause it will allow me to make less adjustments. Thanks for explaining me and editing the score!

I finished entering all the notes and made some page formatting.
I also made an upload on (YouTube audio track added too).

I gladly accept suggestions or critiques! I'm now going to make all the needed manual adjustment and add all the dynamics and text missing.

P.S I also had an idea for boosting OpenScore kickstarter campaign.
Since the idea to transcribe this piece came after watching this video (which is the one I included on, if we make this transcription "OpenScore valid" you could then tag Guitar Salon International/Andrea Caballero on facebook and potentially get some more backers (if GSI shares MuseScore post).

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