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• Aug 11, 2013 - 09:42

Hi everybody

I got a piece with 312 bars and 8 voices (two SATB-choirs). I have entered all the notes. Some parts of the lyrics could be copied from one voice to the other. Is there a way or do I have to enter all the lyrics manually for each voice?


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Ah, interesting, thanks Shoichi. Is this from an old version?
The step of pressing Ctrl+l is missing.
However, the lyrics are already in some voices and I can't manage to get them from there into the cache (ctrl+c).
Also the automatically positioned dashes exactly between two notes do not work nor the melismas ... I think.
Or did I miss something?

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and fantasy (I use Google translator).
Ctrl + L: one of the many keyboard shortcuts that you can also customize:

Currently I do not think you can select all the lyrics and copy / paste from MuseScore.
When I have to prepare scores for the choir, I take the texts from the Web, a document, or write them directly in note pad (I use LibreOffice) and divide into syllables as is necessary;
From there, Ctrl + C;
Then paste in MuseScore.
On the monitor I see MsS and the document side by side, in case of need I still do copy / paste a part of the words (not always all voices have the same lyrics).

"the automatically positioned dashes exactly between two notes" can be added after the job (just use the space bar) as well as melismas and synalepha:
I hope to be clear but I doubt ;-)

If the notes are all the same length then you can try this:

Create your vocal parts as eight staves in one score (let's refer to them here as Staves 1A, 2A...8A)

Enter the lyrics for the first part (Stave 1A)

Create seven new vocal parts as staves below all the others (let's refer to them here as 2b,3B ...8B)
Select all in Satve 1A and copy it and paste it to 2B
(easiest way is to select all by clicking on the first note and doing [Ctrl]-[Shift]-[End] then [Crtl]-c to copy and [Ctrl]-v to paste)

Now keep on pasting 1A to the other staves (3B etc.) by repeatedly clicking at the beginning of each part and pasting with [Ctrl]-v.

You now have your original Stave 1A with lyrics and seven copies with lyrics but with the wrong notes).

Now use [Ctrl]-[Shift]-[End] to select all the notes in Stave 2A and paste into 2B. Whether it is a feature or a bug, MS pastes the notes into the new stave but doesn't replace the lyrics that you have already pasted there.

Once you are happy, delete Staves 2A thru 8A. Now you can name the staves anything you like and create your Parts from this score.

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This seems to no longer work in MuseScore 2.0. I guess the developers thought it was a bug. Does anyone know a way to copy lyrics from one staff of music to another (with same rhythms) in the MuseScore Nightlies (MuseScore 2.0)?

By the way what does [End] mean in [Ctrl]-[Shift]-[End]?

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In the 2.0 builds. you can copy lyrics directly - select them (not the notes), Ctrl+C, click a note for the destination, Ctrl+V.

"End" is a key found on most computer keyboards, along with Home, PgDn, PgUp, etc. I gather Macs generally don't have this key; not sure if there is a standard replacement (like the way Fn+Delete emulates the standard Delete).

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