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I have import a big midi file in MS (From the New World of Anton Dvorak)
- MS has automatically assign instrument to my tracks, most of them are correct but there are a few mistake, how can I correct this
- As it is a symphony the page is not long enough to see all the tracks, how can I solve this
- I would like to see only one track

Thanks in advance for your help




  • Right click on a stave, stave properties -> instrument
  • You can fit more staves (and so more instruments) onto one pages , if you reduce the 'space' Setting, check
  • If you want to see only one track (== stave, Instrument?), then indeed part extraction is the way to go. Only alternative would be do delete the the unneeded instruments, I doubt you find that better ;-)

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Hi Jojo

Many thanks

1) Great !
2) I have specify in page format size A1 and now I can see all my staves
3) This is not very nice, in Logic you double click on a stave and it is opening it in a new window !

I have an exercise for you ;o) I have try to figure it out !
On my violin stave from bar 1868 to 1705 I want the violin to play Pizzicato
How I do it ?

Where is the tempo track ?

Many thanks again for your help



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You need to realize MuseScore is a notation program, not a sequencer. As such, it behaves as notatin programs are expected to behave, not as sequencers do. The main reason a notatipn program would ever need to display only a single ataff is in preparation for printing that part, so that's how MuseScore does it. Also, since MuseScore is a notation progra,. Things like tempo changes and pizzicato are done using text markings - this is what is needed for a human musician reading the notated score, after all. So to change tempo, you create a tempo text. To change a sund to pizz, you create staff text with that direction, then right click to set its playback properties.

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Hello Marc

Thanks for your answer.

So If I import a midi file, the tempo is lost ???

> To change a sund to pizz, you create staff text with that direction, then right click to set its playback properties.

On a score you don't have separate stave for each articulation changes, now I understand why you are so cold with using VSL as a player

> . The main reason a notation program would ever need to display only a single staff is in preparation for printing that part, so that's how MuseScore does it.

Sibelius 7 does it !
Even in Logic you can split your staves into groups, i.e. winds, brass, strings, .... and work on the groups of staves or on the stave and you can navigate into the different levels very quickly

What you are saying is ok for a small score ! Have you ever work on big orchestral score ?

I have tried to add notes at the beginning on my big score, it take forever !



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No, I don't think tempo is lost when you imoort a MIDI file - it gets imported as a series of invisible tempo markings, I believe. I have very little experience with this, so I don't know the details. But I do now thast MIDI is a very poor choice for interchange of information between notation programs. If there is any way for you to import a MusicXML file, that would be far, far better. You get way more information preserved. Think of MIDI as being optimized for performance, but MuiscXML for notation.

Regarding pizz, I didn't say to use a separate staff! I said to use a staff *text*. In other words, you enter the actual word "pizz" above the staff. That's what a human musician reading your score will expect, so that's that MuseScore expects. Once you've entered the text, you right click and set its playback properties as I said. You can then copy and paste that text anywhere you need it. In 2.0, it will be possible to then add that to your palette to facilitate future use.

I do work on orchestra scores quite often. It is true that currently MuseScore gets slower the bigger your score is. But at is more a function of length of score than number of instruments. So a common workaround is to break an especially long score into separate files. Anyhow, yes, this a known area for improvement, but it's a performance issue, not a functionality issue.

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The current bar number (assuming you have clicked a note or are in note entry mode) displays in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Although if you care about bar numbers, you might simply want to turn on display of them on each bar or as you see fit - Style / General / Numbers.

Ctrl-F does a goto bar number.

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On a score you don't have separate stave for each articulation changes
Indeed, a violonist doesn't expect to read on a second staff when he plays pizz. More info about pizzicato in MuseScore

You are often disappointed (VSL, midi import, big scores etc...), maybe you should lower your expectation. Sib 7 and Logic Pro are both commercial software, "maintained" by 2 huge public companies (Avid and Apple) for more than 25 years (in the 80s) and they cost several hundreds dollars. MuseScore is an open source project, lead by 3 guys, mainly developped by one (Werner) and helped by a large community of volunteers. MuseScore is free and really started in 5 years ago.

Of course, we really want to make MuseScore better, more usable and to adapt to more workflows... and we do value your feedback. We know it will take time, but in the past 5 yers, MuseScore went from 10 downloads a day and no release on windows and mac, to 5000 per day and the current MuseScore nightly with dozens of new features. We also believe MuseScore 1.3 is already quite good for most of the notation work and that it's also a great tool to learn about composition and music notation. There are lot of these works featured on

I hope it helps you understand what to expect and where MuseScore comes from.

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I did not say I was disappointed about midi import as it works much better than in Finale.
It is more intuitive too, you are on a good way.
MS has a lot of potential !

When you are ready I have propose my help with VSL

We are thousands users of Logic asking to drive player from articulation changes, but Apple does not listen !

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