Cross-staff beam rendering bug

• Aug 1, 2009 - 12:06

I came across an inconsistency when comparing the images in the [[nodetitle:screen-shots]] section with the current product.
In the screenshot for the Bach - Italian Concert (from the demo scores), the cross-stem looks fine.

But when I try to display the same section of the same score in 0.9.5 rc, it looks like this:

As you can see, the cross-staff stem is slanted instead of horizontal anymore, and the lower-staff stems point down instead of up.
(Also, the slur is way off base, but I think that is related...)

It is possible to repair it using the following steps:

  • Select each note on the lower staff (one-by-one), and shift them to the upper staff (using Ctrl+Shift+Up). Obviously only the notes that belong to the buggy beam.
  • Double-click on the beam to enter edit mode
  • Using the right handle, adjust the slant of the beam to be horizontal
  • Using the left handle, adjust the vertical position of the beam so it is right between the staves.
  • Select each of the notes that you shifted up in step 1, and shift them down (using Ctrl+Shift+Down).
  • The stem now looks correct, and the slur is also repositioned automatically to the correct position.

    I have not been able to reproduce this on a new score, so maybe it is something wrong with this actual score. The score also looks fine when I save it and reopen.

    If you try double-clicking the beam without shifting the notes first, the edit handles are way off to the side of the measure, and aligned vertically, so it becomes very hard to adjust it.

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The wrong edit handle position is fixed in rev. 1978. I cannot reproduce the wrong cross beam and believe that this its already fixed.

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Thanks, the edit handles are now correctly positioned to the beam.

However, the original rendering problem is still present in r1978 (self-built, winXP), in both the italian-1.mscx from the 0.9.5rc installation folder, and in the version from svn r1978. The only difference is the the beam in the screenshot is a little less tilted in the svn version.

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