Delete Selected Measures crashes if selection is only part of a measure

• Aug 3, 2009 - 06:15
S2 - Critical
  1. Open demo score
  2. Select first two quarter notes
  3. Edit > Delete Selected Measures

Expected behavior: measure one should be deleted (at least that is how it behaves if only one quarter note is selected)

Actual behavior: MuseScore crashes

(Tested using self-built r. 1985, Windows XP)


Btw, this new command has been introduced very lately. And it will need translation in all languages. So one option to correct this bug for the moment could be to revert the change until 0.9.6?

I vote for adding this into 0.9.6 as well. The translating team has done a tremendous effort to complete the translations up to 100%. If we add this now, we'll have to contact them again while I know some are out for holiday.

Status (old) active postponed

Ok, it does not fit into "feature freeze" of 0.9.5. I commented the command out and it should now be invisible.
(rev. 1986).