Adding text item from palette should automatically be placed in Edit mode

• Sep 13, 2013 - 16:43
S5 - Suggestion

Whether placing a palette text item by dragging or by double click, the placed item should automatically be placed in Edit mode. After all, there is close to zero chance the text will be usable as is, so it saves the user a double-click. Plus it's consistent with how most text items work when added via keyboard shortcut.

GIT commit: 892c660


Could be a nasty one... since for example Coda or Segno are considered text in MuseScore and we probably don't want this beahavior for them?

Good point. Still, I think I personally would be willing to pay that price. It's just an Esc away to get out of it. And actually, I *do* regularly edit my repeat texts, to put an actual coda sign in the To Coda, for example, or to add ”take repeats" to a DS, etc. on the other hand, repeats are about the only texts I do normally place from the palette as opposed to keyboard shortcut. I suppose we could special case based on the palette, or add an attribute of some sort. But probably not worth worrying about right now.

Elsewhere, I've observed that I thought Enter (after an item is selected) should act as a synonym for double click. Even if it doesn't work always, maybe it could for text at least.

The synonym of double click is Ctrl + E... Return is already taken by "adding a line break when a barline is selected"... We could create a "trick" like we did for left/right arrows but that would mean merging the shortcuts for line break and enter edit mode.