Musescore Aeolus fork could need some clarifications with mainstream

• Sep 21, 2013 - 18:00
S5 - Suggestion

Hello all,

The main author of the Aeolus package has made quite a few statements about recent aeolus forks, including Musescore's. This could affect the way the files are copyrighted, etc.

The discussion is located in:


Not really. Communication between the involved parties has stopped.

It's not an issue for the moment as focus is now on releasing 2.0 and Aeolus is not part of the roadmap.

OK - I propose we remove Aeolus from the 2.0 development build - if it remains part of the source we can easily put it back later.

ISTR there is a switch to do this somewhere in one of the Make files?

Status (old) patch (ready to commit) fixed

Aeolus is now disabled for the release. The README has been updated. Aeolus is kept as a reference to illustrate how to integrate a complex synth.


I'm about to start work on a new soundfont using samples generated from Aeolus in my new VirtualBox installation of Ubuntu studio.

MSJeux is a good stopgap, but the quality of the samples is not quite good enough, although it is an improvement on pipe organ sounds available for existing soundfonts. There are issues with the beta that I have identified which would really involve recreating the whole soundfont from the ground up, which I'm not willing to do with the existing samples which are all 22kHz

The other benefit is that there will be total control over licencing - I'm planning to use either the MIT licence or GPLv3.

Status (old) fixed active

Aeolus is still part of the nighlies, at least on Windows, check ...sound/aeolus and also your profile Folder ...AppData/Local/MuseScore/MuseScoreDevelopment/aeolus (after a factory reset)

Status (old) active fixed

Which nightly? I checked f8c8747 on Windows and it's not the case. Please give more details if necessary.

fc6a52a, from yesterday, 2 builds older than what you looked at.
Looking at the latest, 6d46589, I see it is indeed gone.
Remains the question how to get rid of it in self build ones.

mine still had, 'make clean', a fresh cmake, deleting win32install, factory reset, nothing helped.
And it is still the case:

-- Installing: .../MuseScore/win32install/./sound/aeolus/stops/tibia8.ae0
-- Installing: .../MuseScore/win32install/./sound/aeolus/stops/trombone.ae0
10:58:31: Der Prozess "C:\Qt\Tools\mingw482_32\bin\mingw32-make.exe" wurde normal beendet.
10:58:31: Verstrichene Zeit: 08:44.

Next try, deleting build.qtc too...
OK, that fixed it, finally!