Shift+8 moves note up instead of adding octave below when using NumPad

• Sep 25, 2013 - 20:37

I use the NumPad when entering notes. I just learned you can use Shift and Alt together with a number to add another note above or below your current one. The number 8 is supposed to add a note an octave above or below.

When using the numpad I can use Alt to add an octave above, but when using Shift the current note is instead nudged one up. When using the regular number 8 (not the numpad one) Shift works as normal.

This is super annoying because I really don't want to move my hand from the numpad to the other numbers to do this. Is there any way to fix this? The numpad otherwise works perfectly fine from what I have experienced so far.


As a workaround, if you use only the numpad, you can redefine that keystroke in menu item Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts tab. (You can always reset to the default if things run amok.)

I was able to change the *Shift+8* to work correctly with the numpad. Doing this, however, affected the behavior of other *Shift+x* interval shortcuts. (OK, if you don't need them)

To get everything working with the numpad, I had to redefine the ones shown in the attached screenshot. You can tell which ones they are because they look weird - but they do work using the numpad with *Num Lock* turned 'on'.
I simply defined each one with *Shift+x* where 'x' is the interval number entered - but using the numpad.
I had to do eight of them. (They display weird even when entering them.)

BTW: The *Alt+x* behave nicely using either the numpad or QWERTY number keys, without modifying them at all. The *Shift+x* will now work only with the numpad.


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Worked great! Ended up reassigning all of them so Shift is up and Alt is down as well. Now it all works fine as far as I can see. AND it's logical :p

Any idea why Shift is down and Alt is up by default? I mean, Shift is above Alt...

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You even took it a step further by reversing (both) default assignments for *Shift* and *Alt*.

While it is true that *Shift* is above *Alt* -- I think I read somewhere that (at least for the English language) the 'A' in *Alt* mnemonically represents 'A'bove.

To the credit of the developers, I am constantly amazed at the various features that are present in Musescore once one scratches the surface.


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Huh, the association to "above" would not have occurred to me. My expectations are more about what is more common and what is easiest and hoping they match. Shift is more natural to me than alt, so I'd hope it goes with the more common operation. For me, it does, but it's hard to say if that's just because I've been conditioned by MuseScore to work this way.

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The thing is that I'm not a musician and pretty much a total newb in this area. But I'm a programmer and use keyboard shortcuts a lot. For me the natural thing is that the Shift-key is higher up than the Alt+key on my keyboard. Just like Page Up is above Page Down. So naturally, to me, Shift would go up and Alt would go down :)

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Just like Page Up is above Page Down, 'S'hift is above 'A'lt.
Indeed, mnemonically speaking, 'S'oprano is above 'A'lto. What were those guys thinking? :-)
Thanks, I'm off to re-map my keyboard.

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That could be the case yes, but as a musician newb and a programmer who likes shortcuts, I find it much more natural that Alt which is below Shift on the keyboard go down, and Shift go up :p

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