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• Sep 27, 2013 - 06:48

I do not know how many people using Musescore does have a midi keyboard or is so familiar with the computer keyboard enabling them to look at the screen and pressing the right key to input the correct note. I do not have any of these skills.
I suggest and alternative computer keyboard usage - as illustrated in the attached file.

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It apparently has been created with a nightly build.
I opebed it there, exported as XML and opened that in 1.3, result attached

@Hennie: you're free to redefining keybord shortcuts to whatever you like.
By default these shortcuts use the note names C,D, E, F, G, A and B.
I see difficulties though reg. shortcuts for notes with accidentals, but there are shortcuts available for accidentals too (Default for b is -, no Default setting for #), so you'd need two keystrokes for such a note.

I changed my setup to use use < and > for crescendo/decrescendo, that frees up H for the note B (as that's how it is called in Germany) and then use b instead of - for b and set # to #.

My problem though is that I'm still not fit in matching note names to positions in stave ;-)

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It'd be nice to be able to load and store Keyboard Settings.
That would enable us to distibute customized Keyboard Settings, many of the Default Settings make sense in an English Setup, but not in other languages for example.
H for "hairpin" is one example that only makes sense in English.

Have you seen the Piano Keyboard toolbar in the nightlies? Press "P" at any time. Seems this makes any need to redefine keyboard entry kind of unnecessary.

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