Can I reduce the width of multimeasure rest indicator on my score sheet

• Jul 2, 2017 - 09:40

I used a multimeasure rest to indicate 4 measures rest, but wanted to reduce the width to equivalent of a single measure. I tried decreasing stretch repeatedly until I got the 4 measures down to equate with a single measure, but when I pressed the M (multimeasure rest key) it displayed looking as wide as 2 measures on the screen.

I also tried using Style -- Score -- Multimeasure rests and reduced the minimum width from 4.00 sp to 2.00 sp. I tried to reduce it to 1.00 sp but could not.

What must I do to ensure that it prints much narrower to match a single measure?


Create the multimeasure rest and then shrink it. If you are generating parts then you need to shrink it in the part itself (as is true of most things that alter the appearance of a score rather than the underlying music).

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Thank you, underquark. I tried, but failed to shrink it down to the width I wanted.

I used Style -- Measure and reduced minimum measure width from 5.00 sp to 2.00 sp (the minimum allowed) and reduced the multimeasure rest margin from 1.20 to 0.60 sp.

I also tried to select the multimeasure rest and repeatedly do "decrease stretch", but that didn't work either.

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